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"Golf has shaped me into the person I am today"

Tiger Woods

I won my first golf event prize when I was 8 years old.  Little did I know that 14 years later, golf would enable me to travel the world, play 35 times for my country or secure a scholarship to achieve a 1st class degree in the USA. But more than anything, what started as a fun thing to do with Dad, has led to me meeting thousands of amazing individuals of all ages, genders, beliefs and abilities.

But beyond sharing my journey and enjoyment of playing with others, golf has truly, defined and prepared me for life. Through hard work built on my family values and the encouragement of dozens along the way, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to golf.

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My life as a professional golfer has only just begun. I am so excited to take my game to the next level after 10 years of consistent amateur success in the UK, Europe and USA. At my first professional event on the Clutch Tour it was rewarding to start as I mean to continue. Shooting a bogey free 68. 

​By working hard every day, I look forward to my followers, supporters, friends and family sharing in my professional achievements. 



The benefits of being part of a team are rewarding and motivating to every individual.

Golf teams have been central to my journey for 12 years. Some of my happiest memories are of playing for England internationally, or as a Sooner, for Oklahoma University on the US college circuit for 4 years. 

Many of the team mates and coaches I've worked with, have not only helped developed my competitive instincts on the course, but off it, they remain some of my most closest friends, mentors and professional advisors. I thank them all for supporting me.  It has been a privilege to represent my golf clubs, county, region, school, college and country.

Part of each and every one of them drives me forward every day.

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I have a huge bank of individual performance memories playing golf around UK, Europe and the USA. Each is special, unique and has helped to shape who I am today.  Whether I won or not, the outcome was mine and mine alone every time. 

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When I am not on a course or practice facility I love to have fun relaxing, with my family and friends. 

I also share my journey and insight as a young female professional athlete, by writing or contributing to a number of digital media outlets, to help grow the game and hopefully empower tomorrow's players.

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I am grateful for the support of many individuals, organisations and companies helping me to live my dream as a professional golfer.



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