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"Getting my first pro-win last year, took 10 years dedicated practice and the support of my family, golf fans and some limited sponsorship. Trying to play a full schedule in 2024, is going to be tough without further financial support" 

The life of a touring golf pro is an expensive pursuit - especially when you start out. Hannah's 2024 expenses before she has any chance of generating any income, will be £35-40K to play 20 events across 4 continents. That's about £5 per shot, to pay for on-the road travel, event and caddy fees plus accommodation and food. 

Here's how golf fans, philanthropic funders, businesses and brand sponsors can take some credit for accelerating Hannah's career.

Golf fans

Every £5 donated via GoFundMe can be supporting Hannah's very next drive, sand save or a winning clutch putt, to ensure she stays on tour.

Local businesses, philanthropy or affiliate marketing. 

To discuss a local campaign, or free product/service use strategy with Hannah, please email your proposal to

Brand Sponsors

To associate your brand with an exceptionally talented, eloquent, athletic women ambassador, please complete this form.

Every funding source, big or small, counts. Thank you for your support.

Fundraising: Headliner
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